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Place your order now! Supplies of this disk are limited!

Superdisk 7000

 Over 7000 Programs, Utilities, Screensavers, Desktop Themes, and Animated Graphics bundled together on one jam-packed CD!


Sell "as-is", or compile your own unique package.

The amount of information that can be stored on a CD is mind-boggling!

This CD-rom contains nearly 650 megs of useful software programs, screen-savers, and animated graphics. My last hard drive held only 420 megabytes of data -- this single CD holds over 230 megs more than my old hard drive did! AMAZING!!

For the extrememly low cost of this CD, you can get a HUGE resource of knowledge, helpful utilities, entertainment, and resellable items. If you wanted, you could sell the entire disk "as-is", or compile a selected group of titles into your own unique package. This disk will pay for itself MANY times over in useful programs and resources!

The items contained on this CD are a combination of Freeware items, Shareware items, and other programs which include resale rights. Many of these software authors make their money by getting upgrade orders from basic versions, or by offering advanced features for a fee.

By distributing these software programs, you not only make money for yourself by giving your customers a great software deal... but you are also helping the software authors obtain wider distribution for their works. This in turn provides authors with more opportunities for pro-version & upgrade orders. Everybody involved wins!

Here is a summary of what this CD contains:


100+ Quality Computer Programs
You Can use and/or re-sell!

Business Titles - Home Titles - Entertainment Titles


  • Express Check 4.0 Print checks and reports. Excellent program for home or small business.
  • Simple Bookkeeper and Billing System Two easy to use business programs. Easiest single entry bookkeeping system available. Tracks income and expenses and prints records.
  • Zpay 3 Payroll Does salary, hourly, commission, bonuses, overtime and vacations. Built in tax table and table editor.
  • Credit Fix 1.7 An information file that informs the reader how to work with the credit bureaus to improve their credit rating.
  • AMORT Calculates loan amortization schedules for weekly, monthly, and annual payments. Shows interest, end payments, and total payback.
  • Your Financial Analyst Mortgage amortization, fincancial planning, loan comparison feature, unique college cash planner.
  • The Friendly Advertiser A super easy way to sell products and services, or find them. The entrepreneur's dream.
  • Directory of U.S. Newspapers Lists the nearly 1600 daily newspapers published in the U.S. Date includes addresses, phone #, fax #, daily and Sunday circulation.
  • Mutual Fund Manager Easy to use manager for your mutual fund investments..
  • PC-Stock Powerful stock trend analysis program. Requires graphics, EGA, VGA, or Hercules.
  • Home Business Legal Guide Custom build over 120 legal forms. Tutors you on the nuts and bolts of important governmental laws and regulations.
  • The Order Pro Automates your phone or mail order business.
  • Quick PC Home Income Make your computer and mailbox make money for you! All the information you need is in this electronic book.
  • Resume Shop Assists you in writing resumes that really work! Very easy to use.
  • Pony Express Calculates quickest and least expensive way to send letters and parcels by mail or UPS. Includes estimated time of arrival and postal fees.
  • Doctor Data Label Mail list manager allows one billion records
  • Label Magic Generate dazzling graphics on labels.
  • Mr. Label Print any size label, and allows you to enter printer control codes for a variety of professional looking labels.
  • Reliance Mailing List Powerful mailing list program for business.
  • Label Master Create labels and print list on any sheet or form.
  • VGA Magic 256 color VGA graphics and animation spectacular for VGA monitors.
  • Computer Tutor It's like having your own PC teacher in your home. A very easy way to learn.
  • Select-A-College Fantastic program helps you pick the perfect college.
  • S.A.T. Survival Kit Helps prepare for S.A.T., A.C.T., and G.R.E. exams.
  • College Funding Finder 4.3 Shows you where the money is and how to get it! This financial aid database lists over 350 funding sources offering 6,000+ aid programs, including scholarships, grants, fellowships, and NO-interest loans! Used by major institutions.
  • Computer Solitaire An absolute must for solitaire players. Hours of Fun.
  • Super Trivia Pak Five new trivia games include: Trek Trivia for Star Trek Fans, Trivia Whiz, Phrase Master and Word Whiz. Great sound effects!
  • Air Traffic Control Want to be an Air Traffic Controller? Exciting and fun game. Simulated planes actually talk to you through your computer speaker.
  • Model Railroad Run your very own railroad on your computer. Scores points moving RR cars in switching yard getting them in order.
  • Dulles Tower 1.0 Dulles control Tower offers gripping adventure as you instruct aircraft for landing and departure.
  • Chopper Commando Fly thrilling helicopter missions into enemy lands.
  • Video Poker Slot 4.0 NEW!! Prepare for the real thing. Outstanding graphics and realistic play.
  • Stress Management Excellent program designed by a leading psychologist. Has 6 step system to eliminate and control stress in your life.
  • ReadFast! Speed reading program helps you to read faster and remember what you read.
  • Home Insurance Home inventory unique for insurance. Makes life a lot easier if you have a loss to claim.
  • Handwriting Analysis Amazing program works like magic analyzing signature and writing to give an accurate picture of what a person is really like.
  • DR. MYSTIC Actually talks to you through your computer speaker and screen. Answers all of your questions and problems with amazing mystical wisdom!
  • Professional Master Key Utilities Lets you un-delete files that were accidentally erased.
  • PC Write Word processing program with 500 new features added. Power printing supports 607 printers. Automatic file save, one key spell check and mail merge.
  • Award Maker Certificate printing program. Great for awards, diplomas, etc.
  • PC-FASTYPE (mono version) Teaches you how to type on your PC and improve your speed.
  • BannerMakers Now you can create your own banners with your PC. 8 fonts are supplied.
  • THESAUR PLUS New pop-up thesaurus finds synonyms fast!
  • JORJ Computer Dictionary Easy to use English language computerized dictionary contains58,000 words. Finds meaning and spelling.
  • City Desk Simple desktop publishing program for putting out newsletters, etc.
  • Envision Publisher NEW! Full-featured desktop publishing program comparable to PageMaker and Ventura Publisher. Loaded with professional features.
  • BYTE BANDIT A video slot machine with music, mirth, merriment and fun for the whole family.
  • Used Car Loan Amortization Calculate loan amortization schedules with only a few entries. Simple to use program allows use of any interest rate and any number of days between payments. Can capture info on sales agent, buyer, and vehicle. Prints schedules.
  • JOB COST Very powerful job cost monitoring system. Setup multiple jobs each with its own unique set of cost centers. Establish budget controls for each cost center for labor, material and other expenses.
  • BILLIT 2.8 Small Business billing program for invoices, statements and purchase orders. For dot matrix or laser printers. Automatic numbering, sales tax, 5,000 customer database, calculation, much more. Easy to use.
  • Financial Wizard 5.3 Powerful, easy to use investment and loan analysis program that calculate personal and business financial situations with ease. Amortization, future and present value, depreciation and much more. Mouse and color support.
  • Cunning Football A dynamic interactive, menu-driven football game that tests both skill and strategy! Includes interceptions, penalties, and other subtleties of real football. You can use a mouse, key-pad, or joystick.
  • Vendetta You glance up and down the street, gunmen are everywhere! Only your reflexes and your trusted "45" can save you now. This action-packed arcade game features great graphics and bad guys by the ton.
  • Labels Plus 3.0 The easiest, most user-friendly program on the market. The "What You See IS What You Get" concept is really true with Labels Plus. Envelopes, Shipping labels, Address Labels, post Cards, etc. Supports printing with laser printers.
  • Bannerific Design the perfect banner. Great for birthdays, promotions, graduations, or any other special occasion. Print characters as large as the width of your computer paper. It's quick and easy. Printing can be on a vertical or horizontal scale.
  • Preschool Pack Colorful graphics, songs and speech of this program will be sure to capture the attention of your preschooler. Program does not require any keyboard input-all activities can be performed with a mouse.
  • ABC Fun Keys An educational game for children ages 2-6 years of age. Features 38 colorful full screen graphic pictures, actin, and lots of nursery rhyme songs with on-screen scrolling lyrics for all 27 nursery rhymes. Consists of 4 games.
  • DiskDupe Automate your disk duplicating needs. Makes as many copies as you want without having to re-read the master! Duplicates on 3 1/2", 5 1/4", or any combination. Has a relay mode for fast copies. Pull-down menus for easy use.
  • LOTTOPROF Stands alone amongst lotto programs. Unlike others, LottoProf does not waste your time on "lottery trend analysis" instead, the focus is where it really matters, the probability analysis of bet combinations.
  • Party Planner Will help you plan birthday, retirement, fund raisers, etc. Organize your plans, schedule, guest lists, seating chart, gifts received, contributions, etc., as well as automatically calculate your expenses.
  • Personal Numerologist Produces in-depth personality reports based on your name and birth date. Professional looking 6-8 page reports reveal the most intimate traits and desires for yourself, friends, lovers, etc. Reports are surprisingly accurate and relevant.
  • Snake Chase for Windows 95 Snake Chase is a great shareware game designed for Windows 95. You are a snake in a maze and your goal is to collect all nine blue boxes on every level. Every time you grab a blue box, you are awarded points, and the length of your snake grows! If you run into yourself, or a maze wall, you lose a life. Very Addicting!
  • The Incredible Machine Greetings fellow inventors, puzzlers, and gamesters!! Welcome to the wacky and wondrous world of "The Incredible Machine" In this interactive demo you are given eight different puzzles that must be solved by building your own machine with the parts available. Each puzzle is different and challenging.
  • Lotto Challenger Lotto number selection program can be used with all Pick-5 and Pick-6 lotto games. Lotto challenger performs a statistical analysis of the numbers drawn in previous drawings. Averages and percentages are calculated from all previous drawings for all categories.
  • Win Eyes For Windows 95 WinEyes is a small application with relatively no useful purpose, other than the fact that lots and lots of people like to have it on their desktop! Two eyes follow your mouse around while you work, they just sit there, brighten your day, and can even help you find your mouse pointer.
  • McAFEE Virus Scan for Windows One of the highest rated anti-virus programs on the market. Easy to install, a must for any computer user.
  • Label Wizard for Windows An all purpose label utility program for Windows. Includes templates for mailing, floppy disk labels, audio-visual labels, J-card labels, and A-4 labels. A very versatile program that is only limited by your imagination and your printer.
  • Word Express Windows 95 Here's an easy to use yet powerful word processing program for Windows. Change fonts and/or their size, bold, italicize, underline, center, right or left justify, etc.
  • Form Letters Hundreds of useful letters to cover most business needs. Designed to be used with your word processor.
  • McAFEE Virus Scan for Windows One of the highest rated anti-virus programs on the market. Easy to install, a must for any computer user.

300+ Games of all types

  • 20+ ODDS & ENDS

250+ Great Screensavers For Windows 95/98

B.M.W. Logos Screensaver
Bacardi Rum Screensaver
Bud Frogs Screensaver
Bud Lizards (Frank & Louis) Screensaver
Guinness Beer Screensaver
Heineken Screensaver
M&M's Mini's Screensaver
4th Of July Screensaver
Christmas Screensavers (11 different)
Easter Screensavers (2 different)
Halloween Screensavers (7 different)
Valentines Day Screensaver
AC/DC Screensaver
Aerosmith Screensaver
Alice Cooper Screensaver
Backstreet Boys Screensaver
Beastie Boys Screensaver
Beatles Screensaver
Billy Corgan Screensaver
Blind Melons Screensaver
Cat Stevens Screensaver
Deep Purple Screensaver
Elvis Presley Screensaver
KISS Screensaver
N' SYNC Screensaver
Nirvana Screensaver
Rolling Stones Screensaver
Smashing Pumpkins (Hearts) Screensaver
U2 Screensaver
Balloons Screensaver
Beanie Babies Screensaver
Blaze Screensaver
Computer Generated Graphics Screensaver
Dancing Baby Screensaver
Electric Screensaver
Hey! Macaroni Screensaver
Liverdance Screensaver
Princess Diana Tribute Screensaver
Space Shuttle Screensaver
Tubes Screensaver


5000+ Animated Graphics
Obviously I cannot show every graphic contained on this CD, but here are a few samples.

There are 1000's more! All graphics are organized and broken down into sub-sections for your convenience.

I didn't show them here, but also included are dozens and dozens of different buttons, lines, and webpage oriented graphics. If design webpages at all, you will appreciate this resource. A HUGE time-saver!


Pentium 133 or better using Windows 95/98
CD-Rom Drive
16 Megabytes of Memory (32 recommended)

 Payment & Shipping Information

A HUGE Resource
Only $9.95!

REMEMBER... Resale rights are included!

 US residents please add $3.05 for Shipping/Handling
Canadian residents add $3.55 for Shipping/Handling

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100% Full Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied!

If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please return it to me for a complete and hassle-free refund. I want you to be completely happy with your purchase, and would like to possibly do business in the future. Browse my eBay feedback and you'll see why you can order with confidence.

All programs and screensavers on this CD are FREEWARE or SHAREWARE.
They are distributed under the legal guidelines of shareware products.

The price for this CD covers the media, materials, time and effort
in compiling and distributing this CD, and not for the contents therein.

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