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Save Postal Delays and Increase Your Orders with 'Checker CPS'

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Check Printing Software
PLUS BONUSES (for a limited time!)


When your customers want your product, they want it NOW!

This software eliminates ordering delays!

Checker CPS is a complete software program that allows you accept checks electronically by Internet, FAX or Phone then print a legal duplicate check using your ink-jet or laser printer. You simply take the information from the original check, enter the data into the software, place your blank check paper in your printer (available from your local office supply store), and the software takes care of the rest. Thanks to a 1996 banking law revision, a customer's signature is not necessary when using this software. Authorization can be typed or verbal, just like a credit card transaction. Click-Here for an example of a printed check.

Checker CPS screenshot

"When I first heard about accepting checks online, I have to say - I was a bit sceptical.    'Surely, it can't really be that EASY and that AFFORDABLE!', I said to myself.  So before I bought the software first I called my bank, the customer service person didn't have a clue what I was talking about and told me 'NO' they didn't accept them!   I could tell she wasn't sure and was just taking the easy route by saying 'No' so I took a chance.  I bought the software, bought the checks and made a check out to myself from another account and deposited it.    Guess what?   They cashed it without any problem!   That was in January '98 and since that time I have successfully accepted over 400 checks online!"  

  • Saves time - Deposit check orders into your account the same day!
  • Reduces customer procrastination
  • Increases your credibility
  • Captures impulse sales (increase orders)
  • No processing or monthly fees
  • Targets people who won't use credit cards

  • No Special ink needed - Use inkjet or laser
  • Required MICR fonts included
  • Easy to use - Contains detailed help file
  • Incredible low one-time cost

Is this really legal?

YES!   This is 100% legal and a signature is not required.   Authorization can be typed or verbal just like a credit card purchase. You don't need a special business account either.  Use your own existing personal checking account. All you need is proper verification and a signature is not required.  

Worried about Fraud? You don't need to worry. Only 1 check with it's unique check number can be drawn on a bank account. Any further checks with identical check numbers are automatically declined by your bank.

"NEWS FROM THE WEB!" Courtesy of PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/--
    "Smart cards, e-cash, and e-checks will be used to pay for almost half of the $7.3 billion in online commerce expected by the year 2000, according to a newly released Jupiter Communications report on the future of online payment."

Surveys are showing that the ability to capture impulse buys greatly increases sales!  Some claim up to a 40% increase!  If someone can order and pay for something right NOW they are more likely to do so than printing out an order form and mailing it in. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!


Q: Is this process completely legal?
A: YES. 100% legal, thanks to a 1996 banking law revision. I use my copy almost every day!

Q: Do I need special Ink?
A: NO. A laser printer or an inkjet printer will both work fine. (I use an HP deskjet 500C)

Q: Is the check paper I need hard to get?
A: NO. In fact, there is a menu option in the title-bar for ordering checks online from the author. (He has the best price I have found.) You can also get blank check paper from your local office supply store (like Office Depot or Staples), or from a catalog.   

And the best part is:  
There is NO signature needed, NO credit checks,  NO discount fees,  NO credit card chargebacks, NO leases, NO deposits, NO EXPIRED OR OVER LIMIT CARDS, and NO hassles!

"What exactly will I receive when I purchase this
Checker CPS package?"

Your package will contain:

  • The Checker CPS program including detailed help instructions
  • Instructions on how and where to purchase blank check paper

    We have included these to help you get setup and running quickly.
    • 2 webpage orderform templates to include in your website. (1 standard E-mail form -- 1 for Secure encrypted transmission setup.) -- Use them as is, or modify their appearance to match your site.

    • A reference graphic to include in your webpage orderform. -- It shows your customers how to enter their check data into the form. This graphic greatly reduces the possibility of errors when your customer fills out the orderform.

    • Scanned graphics of both a printed check, and a blank check using Checker CPS.-- When you go to purchase your blank check paper, print these out and show them to the clerk. You will get exactly what you need.
    These bonuses are not included by any other vendor presently selling the Checker CPS system.
    This is MUCH more than our competitors offer!

  • Pay a Low one-time cost and the FULL VERSION of this software is yours. No processing fees, No monthly minimums, No Hidden costs. Just purchase some blank check paper and you're ready to go. (This paper is easily available through Office Depot, Staples, or from a catalog.)

    Order your copy today! Only $14.95 (a $99.00 value!)

      Option #1 Option #2
          Order online by Check. (Also Secure) This is a Great alternative if you don't have, or don't want to use a Credit card. We can print up a single duplicate check that will be drawn against your checking account. -- Saves you the delay & hassle of mailing your order postal mail.

      Option #3

      Quicker & Easier to Buy = More Orders for you!