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Automated Advertising Tracking Systems
Suppose you placed 1000 different ads on the internet pointing to your website (www.yourwebsite.com), and it brought in 1000 orders.

Would you know where each order came from? How effective was your advertising? It brought in sales, but could you have saved any money anywhere? If you want to bring in 1000 more orders, are you going to place another 1000 ads in the same places?

Of the 1000 orders you received, did you get 1 order from each of the 1000 ads, or did 1 single ad bring in 1000? How can you tell? If you knew for sure that only a handfull of ads placed brought in those 1000 orders, that would be extremely valuable to you wouldn't it? If you knew that certain ads brought in orders, and others didn't, you could concentrate on advertising with the ones that worked. How much money would you save for your business?

Imagine if you could place 1000 different advertisements on the web and you were able to tell EXACTLY how many orders you got from each individual ad... Imagine being able to test a new advertising source, and know right from the start if it's worth spending more money on... Imagine how over the course of time you could build an incredibly solid business by systematically increasing your profitable advertising mediums... IS THIS POSSIBLE???

It is COMPLETELY possible! And we can set it up for you!

Once your website is converted to this system, tracking where your orders came from is as easy as adding tracking codes to your link URL such as:
Ad site "A" points visitors to: "http://www.yoursite.com/index.cgi?1001"
Ad site "B" points visitors to: "http://www.yoursite.com/index.cgi?1002"
Ad site "C" points visitors to: "http://www.yoursite.com/index.cgi?1003"
Ad site "D" points visitors to: "http://www.yoursite.com/index.cgi?1004"
and so on...

And you only need to have 1 unique set of pages! You won't need to have 1000 different web pages to place 1000 ads. Look above at the "location" bar in your browser, and you'll see that we are using this system right now.

The beauty of this system, is that your code numbers are carried as variables. These variables tag along with the visitor as they look around your site -- clicking on different pages -- checking out things. These code variables even stay when a visitor decides to bookmark your site and return later. When a visitor finally decides to purchase, this code number is automatically trasmitted to you with the rest of their ordering information (you don't have to rely on the visitor entering it). You then see the code number on the order and match it up with your ad tracking sheet.

This system is not a "cookie" system. It is not obtrusive to the visitor and does not write anything on their computer. It is fully self-contained and automated.

For more information about advertising tracking systems, please email me at webdesign@efwd.com.

Email: webdesign@efwd.com  /  Website: www.efwd.com

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