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  • Sell Your Real Estate Note, Mortgage Note, or other Structured Payments for Cash -
    Investors Want to Buy Notes!

    Are you holding a note and receiving monthly payments?

    Sell Your Real Estate Notes -- Investors want to Purchase Notes!

    Sell your real estate notes, business notes or any other type of note for cash!

    Wouldn't you like to cash out and get you your money NOW? Eliminate the hassles and concerns associated with collecting on these monthly note payments. Let us find a buyer for your note at no cost to you!

    We at American Capital Resources find buyers for real estate notes, and most other types of notes from people like yourself who would prefer to get all their money NOW instead of waiting between ten to thirty years for small monthly payments.

    We work with a large network of investors and institutions, so we are able to shop around in order to get you the best price for your real estate note, mortgage note, privately held promissory note, or almost any other type you might have. This allows us to bring you multiple offers to choose from. Many potential buyers means top dollar for your note.

    We specialize in locating buyers the following types of notes.
    • Real Estate notes
    • Residential Mortgage notes
    • Land notes
    • Commercial notes
    • Industrial notes
    • Inheritances
    • Business Notes
    • Sold on Contract
    • Annuities, Pensions, Life Ins.
    • Secured Mobile Homes
    • Lottery Winnings
    If you have property for sale and are having trouble finding buyers who can qualify for conventional bank funding, we can also help. Ask about our "Simultaneous Closing" program. A "Simulaneous Close" program is where you create a new real estate note in order to sell your property, and then immediately sell the real estate note to one of our investors for cash.

    This can allow you to advertise "owner will carry note" to gain more potential buyers. If you get a potential buyer, you can then create a private real estate note for the sale. When escrow closes, you then sell us the newly created note for cash. By attracting more buyers you will sell your property faster, and yet you still get your cash at the time of sale!

    (Simulaneous Close = Create Note, Sell Note, Get Cash)

    Let us Get you a Free Quote!

    To get started with your free quote, we'll need a little bit of information from you.

    Click the following link and complete the information worksheet. This will help you best describe your structured cash flow, and help us get you an accurate quote for your note.

    One more thing you should know is that you are not under ANY obligation to accept the offer or work with any of our investors. You are in complete control of how far this process goes. If you are happy with the quote, you can proceed. If you don't like the quote -- you can stop the process right there.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get your free quote now so you can consider your options. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can get your money.

    Note:  If you find we're not exactly what you're looking for, you might try one of the resource links above.

    Buy & Sell Notes

    Sell notes and use the money for:
  • Paying off Debts
  • Investments
  • Education Costs
  • Settle Estates
  • Medical Exp.
  • Vacation
  • Divorce Settle.

    We purchase notes for Top Dollar!

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